The tips below are informative and practical. Read more about lock and key related issues!

Do you want to make home improvements and want some security ideas? Are you looking for ways to avoid lockouts or keep losing your car keys? The following tips will surely help you! Get some new security ideas and read about ways to avoid lock and key issues

Think of your windows too

Investing in good-quality locks that might cause more is one of the best ways to upgrade your home’s security. And it is not just door locks that should be given due attention. Make sure your window locks are also of superior quality to keep burglars from easily entering your home though your window.

Regular maintenance with graphite powder

To keep your door locks mechanism functioning smoothly always applying dry graphite powder to it regularly is highly recommended by our experts. After spraying enough graphite to the lock make sure to move the lock cylinder several times using your key to get the graphite into every part of the mechanism.

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